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What does it cost to go racing with Daihatsu Challenge? 

Control parts...

To enter the Daihatsu Challenge NZ championship, there are only a few parts required as 'control' items. Aside from restricting engine and gearbox modifications, these parts ensure that the handling and braking performance of the cars are all as even as possible, but also to ensure that they 'feel' like a responsive race car!

The control items for the class consist of: 

  • GAZ racing suspension kit - $1945

  • Winmax competition brake pads - $280

  • Zestino 07RK 165/55R14 semi-slick tyres - $760

All up, this package will cost $2985 including GST which, aside from the purchase of the vehicle itself, is the greatest expense required to go racing! 


Safety equipment... 

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