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Daihatsu 1st to 5th Straight Cut Gear Kit

Daihatsu 1st to 5th Straight Cut Gear Kit

Straight-cut synchromesh gear kit, designed to work with OEM selectors and sychroniser rings.
This kit replaces the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gear pairs, including a new replacement input shaft.

These gears drop striaght into the factory gearbox casing and require minimal work to fit. 


Tested and proven on the race track to withstand more than 190kW/285Nm, these gears are a road-friendly, robust and cost effective upgrade for your modified Daihatsu.


If you've got a modified Daihatsu then you're probably familiar with breaking gears! 

We are no strangers to the fact that Daihatsu gearboxes - while light-weight and compact - don't exactly handle much hard work before failing. 


We've worked hard to bring you the most cost-effective solution to this problem, to offer a street-friendly, straight-cut gear kit that will handle the power of most modified Daihatsu engines. 


A list of compatible engines, gear ratio options and details can be found under the "Technical Specifications" tab


Along with these custom gears, we can supply genuine Daihatsu rebuild bearing, seal and synchronizer kits 

  • Technical Specifications

    We have three recommended ratio kits available, selected through our own testing - all three kits are suitable to use with 2nd gear ratio of 1.842 and 1.750: 


    Normal - 3rd 1.270, 4th 0.960, 5th 0.780

    Slightly closer ratios than factory. Maintain good motorway cruise rpm in 5th gear while still enjoying the benefits of gear strength!


    Close -   3rd 1.330, 4th 1.040, 5th 0.850

    A great choice of close ratios, suitable for the race track or road driving. Enjoy a performance gain over the factory ratios on the track and still be comfortable driving home without wearing ear muffs! 


    Race -    3rd 1.380, 4th 1.130, 5th 0.960

    Optimised ratios for best performance, perfect for circuit and rally racing, club and hill climb cars where performance and strength is paramount! Just as durable and easy to dirve on the road as our other kits but engine rpm's at motorway speeds will be high, along with your fuel usage! 


    Other ratios can be supplied on request and our services are available to help you select the most suitable ratio kit to suit your car.

$4,529.00 Regular Price
$4,089.00Sale Price
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