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Defi-Link Meter Advance FD

Defi-Link Meter Advance FD

Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE FD is a display of 2.5-inch full-color TFT which needs to be connected to the ADVANCE Control Unit Sensor Package (sold separately)



The ADVANCE FD is equipped with the following functions, when the corresponding sensors are fitted:

  • Warning display
  • Peak value display
  • Differential pressure display between fuel pressure and intake manifold pressure
  • Warm-up mode for guarding engine.
  • Error display of disconnection and short circuit
  • Shift-up sequential indicator with 8 LEDs
  • Master warning function
  • Odometer and trip meter display


**Standard courier charges apply within New Zealand**

***For ALL CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF NEW ZEALAND please ask us for freight charges***


  • ADVANCE System Connection

    The Defi-Link ADVANCE system allows gauges and displays to be attached to the ADVANCE control unit with a single “DAISY CHAIN” wiring system.

    The system is also designed to allow all sensors to be attached to the ADVANCE control unit, so that gauges and displays can be mounted separately without the need for multiple tubing or wiring to each gauge.


    • One Control Unit can control up to 7 ADVANCE gauges & displays together (except DSDF). 
    • Different color gauges can be connected.
    • The same variety of gauges cannot be connected. (Ex. Two turbo gauges cannot be connected.)
    • More than 2 ADVANCE FD displays can be connected.
    • Gauges & displays can be connected in any order.
    • Smart Adapter and DSDF need to be connected to the end of the meter line because they have only one connector for meter wire.
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